PERFormaX > The Team Approach

PERFormaX is a group of perforating products. These products were assembled and tested as best to address the growing demand to replace conventional nicks (ties or tags) with a systematic approach to holding corrugated parts together until a planned separation takes place. That separation can be in the form of bundle breaking stacks during the converting process or manually tearing out windows or other display features to create retail ready or shelf ready packages.

By manipulating the cut segments and gaps between cuts, National Steel Rule has teamed two existing products with eight new designs to create a versatile team of products. The goal is to provide incremental degrees of holding power while achieving an acceptable edge finish across a wide range of single wall corrugated materials. Understanding that paper thickness, flute direction and converting variables all play a roll in success; National has pared down the product line to its most simple form. This allows the user to minimize inventory while taking a scientific approach to bundle breaking and tear out configurations. The charts below illustrates the varied degrees of force it took to break out a 1.25" (31.72 mm) diameter circle.

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