Excellence is not an exception - it is a prevailing attitude.

This is the philosophy we at National try to live by every day. For fifty years, National has been the professional diemakers choice for cutting, creasing, and perforating rule as well as many other innvotive products used in steel rule diecutting.

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While National is your one stop source for rotary and serrated steel rule, we also enjoy affiliations with Zimmer Industries. This alliance gives us a remarkable amount of versatility in terms of offering solutions to a wide range of diecutting problems. For a link to the Zimmer website, please click on Industry Links.

National is proud to announce the availability of our new 20 page rotary catalog.

This informative catalog provides descriptions and data on all our standard and newly introduced rotary rule products. Some of our newer rules include:
  • NEW PERFormaX - Taking the mystery out of shelf ready/retail ready packaging. A superior line of perf rules specifically designed for this market
  • Wave Score - A sine waved pattern crease that is designed to cross the flutes, creating an effective, less likely to roll over score.
  • Micro Trak Crease - A proprietary, innovative crease that is waved up and down, causing "breaks" in the crease face that produce superior scores while reducing cracking and improving sheet control and folder gluer speeds.
  • DuoScore - Combines the benefits and advantages of the two above rules, by waving a crease face in both the up and down and back and forth directions.
  • Bundle Breaker Rule - Helps keep diecut bundles together until separation is desired, while still maintaining excellent edge appearance and feel.
  • Platinum Combo Score - Allows you to achieve a wider crease on a 4 point perf-score. By compressing a wider area, reduces fracturing.
  • Prism Perf - A great alternative to serrated perf or serrated combo rule, this rule cuts through corrugated with very minimal pressure.
  • Rotary Slit Score - Cuts through the inner liner and the medium, without cutting through the outer liner. Makes easy work of reverse folds.
  • Radius Gullet Combination Rule - A unique manufacturing process breaks and rounds off the previously sharp corners of combination rules.
  • Extreme Nine and Super Six - These unique rules are excellent for very heavy duty cutting, especially on lead and trail edges.
  • Top10 - So new, it didn't even make the latest catalog, this exciting innovation takes a 4 point body crease with an 8 point cap and waves it back and forth to create a unique 10 point face. Great for really heavy-duty applications.
We are proud of our history of innovative rule manufacturing, while never forgetting the obvious and critical importance of our more standard rules; which is the reason National carries the world's largest inventory of rotary rule — standards and "specials" alike.